Family Hike

I was seriously proud of the big kids yesterday. We headed out to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary for some family time on the trails. This is the most we've made them walk on a hike and they loved it.

Raven Run is an awesome little place to take the fam. I had dismissed it over and over in my head because it doesn't meet my requirements for a quality hiking/camping experience. There aren't a lot of trails (only 10 miles) and there is no camping. But recently I realized that I wouldn't exceed more than 3ish miles with the kids anyway. Thus making Raven Run the perfect destination.

It was great. And there's no better way to spend time together as a family (in my mind at least).

Even the little guy loved it. (I know. He looks miserable here. I think it's because I stopped for a picture.)

Anyway, it was a great three hour trip that's only 20 minutes from our garage. I recommend it to anyone with kids.

We'll certainly be back.

Get out there.

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  1. Abe's pajamas seem very familiar to me for some reason. Not sure what it is -- ha. Jackson would be proud.