My Good Friend

This little guy is always in my pocket. It has been for about 8 years. It's a Leatherman Squirt.

I bought it 8 years ago with the intent to always carry a pocketknife. I figured, as long as I'm going with a knife, why not add to the functionality. Therefore, I invested more money into the Squirt.

Great choice.

This thing is tough. It's also small. But is able to offer me a knife, 2 screwdrivers, a file, a bottle opener, pliers and a pointy thing I use to poke holes in stuff. I've lost it several times over the years, but it always finds it's way back.

All my pants have a hole worn through the right pocket from the Leatherman. I consider each hole a badge of honor. There's rarely a day that goes by without me using it for something. And although I purchased it for camping, since I've been cycling for the last three years I've used it routinely on the road.

So, thanks leatherman. When the sad day comes that I break or lose this thing, I'll be coming back to you.

Does anyone else out there carry a multi-tool?

Get out there.


  1. I do. My dad gave me a Park tool multi tool that I keep on me now simply because it has tire levers built in but I do miss the pliers. It has all the Allen keys, 10mm wrenches, and pretty much everything I need. I had a husky brand leatherman knock off that pretty much fell apart after a year or so of use so I'm glad to have a replacement. Nice blog by the way. Keep it up n check me out in Richmond.

  2. Rvabikecommuter,
    Thanks for the words. I don't think I could make it without my pliers. Great blog, by the way. Loved reading it.