The Old LHT

I am super excited about this. In fact, I may even be nervous. Since the Disc Trucker is in play nowadays, the old LHT is getting a makeover. I'm throwing on the 2.3" Kenda K-Rads, an On-One Mary Bar, a Brooks B17 and most notably, the SRAM i9 internally geared hub. This thing is going to run front and rear racks and throw down on fowl weather commutes, dirt rides and all-around horseplay.

So why am I nervous? This bike has been my favorite bike of all time. I replaced it with the Disc Trucker. Yet I'm afraid that this touring dirt klunker may still climb the charts to be my go-to fave. The way it's coming together sure is getting my attention. It'd be a shame to walk past that purty Disc Trucker to grab this crappy ol' thing. But I think it may happen more often than you'd think!

Get out there.

1 comment:

  1. Fine bike, that one. Make sure and fully appreciate the rugged can-do-ness of the classic LHT. Make it too useful and, yes, you will have problems passing it by. Good luck.