New Daddy Ride

About a month ago, Jason became a new dad. So my go-to riding buddy has been on the business end of a diaper change instead of catching mud in his face from my back tire. Yesterday, though, was a reunion. We met in the morning, started the drive to Capitol View, ran out of gas, got gas, started riding, got a flat, changed a tire and pedaled for the rest of the day. Took a while to get going. But eventually, going we got.

There weren't many photos of the ride. It rained on us for about 20 minutes early in the day, thus rendering the iPhone confined to a ziplock in my frame bag. But Jason was running his GoPro. So if anything stellar happened, he'll send a pic later.
I did snap a Honzo shot under the bridge. I love that bike. We were chattin' how it's basically the exact same make-up of the new Surly Karate Monkey Ops. It's Kona's 1x10 steel 29er hardtail. Very sweet ride.

Otherwise, nothing too interesting to report. I was pooped on the ride. Riding dirt just feels different than pavement and with Kentucky's wet winters, I'm pretty out of practice for it. But it sure is fun anyway.

Get out there.


  1. I test rode a Honzo a few years ago. Sweet bike! I was almost sold, but skeptical of the 1x setup, but these days I think I'd go with it.