MTB Time!

This weekend I got to ride some trails with Pat and Jason over at Veteran's Park. It was 80 degrees and, whoa, was that steamy! First ride of the year that had me sweating profusely and gasping for cool air. It was, of course, insanely awesome.

Three guys, one rigid 26er, one suspended 29er and one 29er+. Yet we rode together peacefully and we rode together. I will say that that Krampus is hard to keep up with on the downhills. Those tires just grab hold of the trail and allow him to just hit speeds that I can't hang with on the Troll. It's pretty awesome to watch.
But we rode hard and fast and panted our way through. Hopefully, I'll condition my lungs for this heat and be well adapted soon. In the meantime, I'll just get that pukey feeling every time I ride.

Get out there.

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