Kiddie Trails

Yesterday I got to hit the trails with the three oldest kids. We loaded up a couple of kids bike, a half bike and a grown up Surly Troll onto the car and headed over to Veteran's Park for some Spring Break dirt.
Riding with three kids between the ages of four and eight can require a lot of patience. We stop a lot and have to really work on communication with one another. But, man, is it fun. It's probably one of my favorite things to do with my kids. I can't wait until all of us can go together!
Things like riding through the little creek get them SO stoked. They feel so much accomplishment and thrill when we ride dirt.
And they do occasionally have to hop off the bike and walk it.
We do, inevitably stop at the big creek for some R&R. A long break of skipping stones and getting muddy always gives the motivation needed to pedal back to the car.

We rode for a good two hours. They were POOPED by the end of the ride. The joy of riding was beginning to get tipped off the scale by the grumpiness of fatigue. We made it back to the ol' Subaru just in time.

Get out there.

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