Explore Kentucky

At the risk of stealing a hashtag from some Kentucky folks, I'd like to celebrate the value of wandering through our bluegrass state. Exploring Kentucky is, by far, one of my favorite things to do.

Yesterday I set out on a route that I've ridden a few times before. But as I pedaled towards my destination, I decided I'd bypass my usual point of interest and just keep going straight onto some new roads. Aimlessly exploring Jessamine County has led me to some really great places. So any time I have an opportunity, I figure I should take it.

And of course, yesterday's ride was no different. I found some great sights along Little Hickman Creek. The photo above, for instance, was some cool architecture. Anyone know what it is? It's built into the side of the creek bank and has irrigation that runs through the building. My wife's theory was that it was some type of cold-storage. Everything is cooler when it's underground and surrounded by flowing water. Any other ideas?

Get out there.


  1. Cold storage is as likely as anything else. We should come up with our own hashtag for exploring the Bluegrass state by bike. #XKYon2wheels ?

  2. The side trips and extensions we on bikes often take usually are the best parts of our ride.

  3. My grandparents called buildings like that an ice house or a milk house, and that is where they stored milk, cream and other perishables before ice boxes, followed by refrigerators.