Xtracycle Wide Loadin'

Last night I was in search of a wooden pallet for an art project I have in mind. I figured the best way to slowly wander the streets looking for discarded building supplies would be by bike. And when there's an Xtracycle in the garage, the choice of bikes comes easy.

It took about 30 minutes of random pedaling before I found this little beauty in the middle of a field with grass grown up around it. As I approached, I realized that I had forgotten to put my WideLoaders on before I left. No worries. A couple straps and I was good to go. I was originally thinking I would use the WideLoaders to strap the pallet upright. This rig, though, made me wider than ever.

The Xtracycle handled it beautifully... two pedal strokes in and you forget it's there (other than the funny looks you get from your neighbors). I had two lengthy Yakima straps with me to secure it on two axis with no effort. The Xtra really is the do-anything bike.

Get out there.

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