A Bike Commute Post?

I know, I know. I haven't been posting much about commuting by bike. In fact, I haven't been commuting much. I've been on two wheels quite a bit... just on the trails with the mountain bike. I've been in a kayak a lot. I've even been wading through water with a fishing pole in my hand. But with all the outdoor activity I've been taking part in, very little has been commuting.

Why? I'm not sure really. I've commuted consistently for over two years (four years inconsistently). But this summer's heat has been calling me off the commute bike. Instead I've been on a shaded ride in the woods or a brisk paddle in the cool water. Perhaps it's the heat. Perhaps is just a wild hair to do something different.

But school starts tomorrow and with that comes a lot of routine. I'll be back on the bike commute regularly. In fact, I was today and I loved it, as always.

Get out there.

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