SUPing the Elkhorn

There's a local outdoor equipment store that has a demo stand up paddleboard that's available to borrow. My buddy, Jason, picked it up yesterday for the second time for us to head to Elkhorn.
This was my first experience on an SUP. For the first 10 minutes I thought I hated it. It seemed like it was a lot more physically demanding and unstable than a boat. After just a short while, though, I was loving it. I was really impressed with how well it performs many applications. You can sit, stand, kneel or lay down and it does it all well.
I'm still not sold on SUPs as a whole, though. Their price point is still too high to reach the masses, in my opinion. But I will look into demoing the board again. If you're local, you should check it out. It's a great experience.

We had a great night on the water. It ended up getting completely dark on us as we paddled back to the truck. There were three of us rotating through two kayaks and the SUP. Floating down the river is so peaceful. And with a great shop willing to let you borrow their board, there's no reason not to try it.

Get out there.

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