Anniversary Celebration

Last Friday, Angie and I were able to leave the kids with her parents and head out for our own day of adventure. This month we'll be celebrating eight years of marriage so we took the opportunity to head back to where it all began. We were married at the Red River Gorge on the side of a cliff. Friday, we got to visit that same area and share some time on the trails.

It's a beautiful place that offers lots to do in the ways of hiking, camping and climbing.

Lots of beautiful rock walls.

Great views.
It looks like there was a fire there not too long ago. It was pretty wild to see. All the the ground had been burned out and green was growing in it's place. For the first two miles out onto the trail, this is what everything looked like.
Here's a random set of stairs in the woods. Trail maintenance and construction amazes me. I have no idea how it's done. How do they get all this lumber several miles into the wilderness to build this? I'm blown away.
The heat was intense but we managed to stay in the shade most of the day. I'm so impressed with my wife who's five months pregnant and hiked eight miles in 100 degree heat. She's amazing. Of course, that's why I married her eight years ago.

I'm truly proud to be married to Angie. Outside of the God who made me, she's the greatest blessing I've ever known of this world. She is strong, intelligent and lovely. I'm a better man for having her these eight years.

Get out there.

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