Last Friday night, a few other guys and I headed out for some excitement on the water. There had been a lot of rain for a couple days, which really brings action to our local paddling destination.

We took the boats to Elkhorn Creek and rode some whitewater in our not-made-for-whitewater boats. That always makes things a bit more interesting. In the video, you'll see serious whitewater paddlers out there while we're riding our recreational kayaks right through the middle of it all.

Is it ideal? No. But it works and we had a blast.

For us, we made it through everything the river could throw at us. And even the whitewater junkies told us that this is about as action packed as Elkhorn gets. The difference is, we take on a lot of water and the rapids shoot us out pretty quickly. Navigation isn't so easy in a rec boat.

If you live in Kentucky, you should check out Elkhorn. When the water is lower, it's a blast to cruise and fish. When it's high like this, it's just plain fun to hang on for your life!

Get out there.

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  1. that's awesome. your video turned out really good! mine are really fuzzy when i posted them to the blog