Had a great opportunity to spend the evening camping with some guys last night. Four of us pedaled our way through Lexington, out the Legacy Trail to the Kentucky Horse Park.
We dog legged our way through downtown after work, taking one short cut through and over some rail road. Justin and I left from work, swung by Jason's house and then met Brian at Cricket Press. After a quick stop at Indi's for some wings to go, we were on our way to the campground.
The Horse Park has some pretty basic primitive sites. Basic, as in, it's just a field with trees. It's great for a trip like this when some guys are in tents, some are in hammocks or some are just sleeping on the ground.
Buffalo wings by Indi's. There's nothing like sinking your teeth into some warm, spicy wings after a cargo slog on a loaded bike.
Brian (of Cricket Press fame) was on his Big Dummy. Tim (of that-nice-guy-Tim-fame) drove out that evening to enjoy some fire time and bike talk. Tim and I have crossed paths a couple times through bike stuff over the years. But Brian and I had never met face to face. We'd only seen each other on the internets. The internet is funny that way. But the bond of riding bikes held strong enough to keep the conversation going all night. 
Jason was on his commuter Giant with the BOB trailer behind. The trailer served us well to wrap our wings in a sleeping pad to keep them warm and cozy.
Here's my rig. Panniers in the back, sleeping bag and pad up front in the basket. Bag was in a backpack with some other odds and ends, too. As expected, the LHT does this job really well. Somehow I missed getting a photo of Justin's Kona Dew. I love the Dew. Great all-around bike.
We talked bikes, camping and more bikes well into the evening. The full moon was like a giant floodlight on the campground. Headlamps were used minimally.
Temps got into the twenties. I slept in the hammock but never got cold. I just snuggled deep into my bag and fell into a buffalo sauce induced stupor. When I emerged from the bag in the morning, the world was covered in frost.
Morning brought coffee. Coffee brings warmth. Everything was right in the world. 

We slowly packed up and made our way back. The ride is about 20 miles from work each way. So it was fun to get in some loaded miles to and from. Gotta love it.

Get out there.


  1. I had a blast! Thanks for asking me to come along. I really needed that little break from reality and there's no better way to spend it than with some good dudes on bikes!

    1. Thanks for coming! Glad we finally got a chance to hang out.

  2. Most excellent. Just received a hammock as a birthday gift and am eager to give it a try on my next overnighter.

    1. You'll love it in that texas heat. I bought mine after sweating half my body weight out at night on a camping trip. They keep you really cool at night.

  3. Nice. I enjoy camping like you did, but my biking friends insist on soft beds, pools, showers and expensive dinners when we do overnights.