Now That's a Lunch Break

For the last couple days I've been surrounded by people. Now, I like people. But when I get too much of them, I need to get away. So for lunch I took off on the bike. It only takes about ten minutes of riding before feeling pretty far removed from civilization. So I laid my coat down on the ground as a makeshift blanket, set my timer on my phone for thirty minutes and pulled my Buff over my eyes. A half hour later, the strange beeping of my iPhone brought me out of my sleepy stupor. "Did that just happen?" I thought to myself. Yep. I took a nap for a half hour in some random field somewhere off the side of the road.

I rode the ten minutes back and was gone for less that an hour long lunch break. Time well spent.

Get out there.


  1. While you were sleeping, your Trucker sprouted a basket.

    1. That's right. I'm rockin' some front cargo nowadays. Gonna help with errands and whatnot. Plus, it makes me look tougher :)

  2. Nice riding weather is upon us again. It's about effin time.