One of Those Rides

Yesterday was a first for me. I had to get off the bike and walk... several times. Since I've been riding in my adult life, I have never had to get off the bike. Ever. But yesterday's ride was a twenty miler in the wind and rain on the single speed bike. I just didn't have it in me.

It was a commute ride from my secondary work location to my house. I've never made that ride before. Twenty miles had a lot of appeal and I didn't want the foul weather to deter me. But one mile into the ride I knew I wasn't going to enjoy it.

The first hill to knock me off of my bike was around mile eight. I was giving it everything I had but the single gear couldn't keep me upright. I guess it was the demoralizing combination of one gear, a mighty headwind, rain coming down and a couple loaded bags full of weight. Normally, I can explode through a hill on the single speed. But yesterday there was no explosion.

Pride won't stand in the way of admitting it. It sucked. Bad. But it was a rare day. I've hauled 100lbs of kids on the Xtracycle for longer distances. So I know my legs have it in them. But yesterday was miserable. Guess I'll have to make it up today.
The rain had really covered the landscape. Water covered almost all of the low spots.
That, at least, was a point of interest to occupy my mind as my body wanted to give up on the ride.

Get out there.


  1. Everybody has an off day. I've walked when I thought I should have been riding. Wind kinda does that to you.

    1. The wind really does keep whispering in your ear how badly it sucks. I kept wondering if it was only in my head. But I think it was just an off day all around.

  2. Strong headwind sucks whether you're on a geared bike, singlespeed or fixed... but it especially sucks on the latter two!

  3. You had the "perfect storm" of things working against you.
    Single speed, strong headwind, hills...
    In the past I've had similar conditions almost draw me to tears!
    There's no shame in it!
    I guess the only other element would have been if the Xtracycle was attached!

    1. It made me appreciate my gears, for sure. It's amazing that gearing down allows you to pull right up a hill in tough conditions. This just wasn't cutting it, though!