Christmas Eve Ride

Well, I figured while I'm sitting here in the hospital, I may as well report my last ride. I didn't intend to write anything about this ride, since it isn't much different than my last few posts. But I've got a laptop and a lot of time on my hands, so here you go...
Still lots of water on the ground. I pretty much stayed in the granny gear the entire ride. It's not that it was tough to pedal, but all the higher gears caused me to spin out in the mud. I could slowly crank the pedals in the lowest gear to stay moving and upright.
More play with the self timer and time lapse app on the iPhone.
Hills never look steep in photos. But I had to get off the bike to make it up this one. My legs were good to pedal, but I couldn't keep my front wheel down. When I'd lean forward and put weight on the front wheel, my back tire would spin out. So I pushed.
View from the top showed neighborhoods for miles and miles.
There was a fire pit on the top, too. This didn't look like a camp-fire pit. It looked more like a let's-drink-beers-in-a-place-our-parents-will-never-find-us-fire pit.
I took this photo on my way down the previously mentioned hill. It wasn't a wise choice. The mud and one-handed steering were a bit more squirrelly than I had expected. I stayed upright, though!
I ended with my ritual cup of coffee. I park near a little stream that runs into the larger creek. It's a great place to sit and sip at the end of a ride.
I used my Detours Coffee Bag for the first time, too. It kept the mud and water off of my coffee thermos, snacks and gloves. Big thanks to Jason for the Christmas gift. This thing works much better than just strapping junk to my rack.

I'm guessing this ride may have been my last for at least a week or so. Who knows, though. Angie was trying to convince me to bring my bike to the hospital so I could get some rides in.

Get out there.


  1. "...trying to convince me to bring my bike to the hospital..."

    That woman is a keeper!

  2. @ Pondero - She certainly is! Although, there's a bike shop right across the street from the hospital. I think she may be just trying to get me to RIDE my bike instead of BUYING things for it!