Secret Santa

When I walked in my office the other day, I had a wrapped gift on my desk with a little gold nugget inside. Although this looks like a bag of coffee, it's actually a dry bag with two straps that attaches to your bike frame. Super cool!

Detours makes The Coffee Bag as a "tribute to Seattle's favorite brewed beverage." Their website says, "Throw in your lunch and use the two-point attach system to secure the bag just about anywhere on the bike – under the seat, on top of your your rack, or even in your water bottle cage! Or just use it as a dray bag to toss in a pannier. Just like there are a million ways to order your favorite coffee drink, there are a million ways to use your favorite Coffee Bag!"
Here's a photo of the straps and packaging. You can see on the package that you could strap this thing anywhere on your bike. It's really a fun design that allows you to keep important stuff dry without having to carry a bulky pannier. Later in the day I learned that, my buddy, Jason was actually my Secret Santa. Way to go, Jason. You've found a product that meshes my love of coffee with my love of bikes. This thing is perfect for bike, boat and everything else. Thanks, man!

I'd never heard of Detours, but I'll keep an eye on their stuff. This is a simple, yet useful product that I got pretty excited about.

Get out there.

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