Schwalbe Tubes

I finally made the choice to bump up the quality of inner tubes I run on my bikes. Schwalbe makes high quality tubes that actually do make a real difference in the riding experience.

Do they feel different? Not that I can tell. But they don't leak air like cheaper tubes. I've always bought middle of the road tubes from the bike shop. But as much as I ride, and with the variations of bikes I ride, it seemed like there was always a need to pump up my tires before each ride.

Schwalbe tubes eliminate that need. So far I've put them on one bike in my stable and I've yet to refresh the tire pressure one month in. That's a huge help when you want to grab your bike and go. I'd recommend these tubes to anyone who rides more than a couple times in a week.

Get out there.


  1. Stonagefamily here. Hey buddy. Good to be back on the net and slightly warm. We are in northern Japan and had no power for a few days and then a heating fuel scare, but things are looking up. We are in Misawa where there was no major earthquake damage and the tsunami destroyed the fishery and beach area but did not make it up the hill to residential areas and no one was killed in our area. We have been gong out from base to help clean up as much as we can. Power on base is pretty iffy. I see a lot more Americans on bikes out in the snow with me now (yes it snowed the whole week after the earthquake). Gasoline is going to become an issue in the near future so the four bikes we have in the garage that don't get ridden much are going to good temporary homes...well some are temp and some are coming back. My Kona Dr. Dew is definitely coming back. Back to the original point of the post, thanks for the tip on tubes. I will look into getting better quality next time I'm in the market.

  2. @ Stoneagefamily - Glad you guys are okay! I thought about you when everything hit. I'm sure a bike centered lifestyle is much appreciated now! Keep us posted on how everything develops.

  3. I've been thinking of upgrading to Schwalbe tubes for several years but nobody local sells them. Did you buy yours at a LBS of mail order?