IGH Install

Well, I purchased the SRAM i-Motion 9 last week and it's been waiting for the install. Friday night, Angie went to a movie with some ladies, so I took advantage of the time alone to get started. I have to say, I thought this was going to be easy. It wasn't.

From all that I could find, there's not an easy way to install a new shifter cable into the shifter. I even found several mentions in forums that say that it's never intended to be changed. What?! I guess they have faith in the product. But for a long-tail bike, changing it isn't an option. I needed a longer cable.

Once I figured out how to access the cable, it was simple enough. But by that point, I had disassembled the entire thing. I had to put it all back together using some schematics I had found on the internet. When all was said and done, everything worked. It was just a major headache.

Angie is gone again tonight. So I'll mount tires, center brakes and figure out the chain tension thing. For now I think I'll run my old derailleur and see how it feels. I'd really like to run a double up front, but I'm not sure if that's even possible. Anyone have experience running a double with an IGH? Perhaps I'm just fearful of losing gear range on a cargo bike. But for some reason, my mind won't let it go.

Let's hope I'm riding in on this bike tomorrow.

Get out there.

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