Bike Green Lexington

There's a new bike shop opening up about a mile from where I work. Bike Green Lexington has a presence on Facebook for now and, from the looks of it, could be a great shop. It looks like they're biggest bike offerings come from Kona, which is good by me.

For the most part, though, I'd be looking for knowledgable and helpful staff. Actually, I'd settle for less knowledge and more helpfulness. I hate the bike shop snobs that end up discouraging people from learning and wanting to ride.

I really love my shop I use right now. It would take a lot to peel me away from my loyalty to them. But they're on the other side of town (40 minute drive from my house). This could really be a game changer since it's so close. I'll look forward to their opening and getting in to meet them.

Get out there.

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