Race Weekend

Not  my race, my wife's. This past weekend Angie ran a marathon in northern Ohio. I chose to bring the Cross Check to do my exploration and race support while she was running. It was a great choice.

It was a beautiful area to explore by bike. Near the river, it was completely flat and gorgeous to pedal around. The race was actually on the Towpath Trail, a multi-use trail that stretches for miles and miles.
We started the day at a ski resort. Obviously, with no snow, the slopes look a little greener than usual. But this gives you a little bit of an idea of the climbs I had to get around. As soon as I would leave the river, I'd be climbing or descending. I enjoy climbing when it's on a joy ride. If I can casually climb a hill without worrying about time or agenda, it's a fun challenge.
This is Ang on mile one. She was truckin' by (hence the blurry photo). The morning was cold and I was in need of some warm refreshment. Enter... the Java Truck.
Being that we were in a pretty remote area, I wasn't sure if coffee was going to be an option. These guys saved the day. For the first few minutes of the race, I was resting against my bike, sipping coffee while Ang was setting off on a 26.2 mile journey. I almost felt guilty.

I could see the trail from lots of different places, as you see in the pics above. Actually accessing the trail was another story. Because the Towpath is such a popular place for cyclists and runners, they were patrolling it like crazy. I got the stink eye several times by the volunteers. I had to explain over and over that I was a spectator looking for my wife, not just a rider trying to get in a joyride.

Along the way I was able to see some great sites...

There were several occasions that I did make it to the trail. I was able to find Angie at mile 14, 16, 20 and the finish line. She kept a great attitude the entire time. It was fun to watch her along throughout the race.
She was amazing. She is such a gifted runner and this race was dear to her heart. She was raising money for The Refuge for Women, a local program here in town that helps women and their children in need. We happily walked away from the race celebrating the ability to have such an experience. I was celebrating not only her, but the fact that I brought my bike. The views were welcomed and the bike was the perfect tool to experience them.

Get out there.

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