Chilly Bike Commute

We're back to the chilly bike commute weather. This is the stuff that separates the men from the boys. I'm hoping I still see some cyclists out there in the coming months, but the road typically gets lonely after October.
Well, lonely as far as bike commuters go. There's still plenty of these creatures out there. They really do amaze me. You can see their intelligence as they interact with one another. Today I pulled over and spent a few minutes watching them and playing with them. Steam was coming off their huge bodies. It looked just like power radiating from them. You forget how strong they are until you're face to face with one.

It's a blessing to have the commute that I have. I hope I never forget that.

Get out there.

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  1. Yep it is getting chilly here as well. Time to get out the rain gear and clean up the rain bike.