Of Fenders and Station Wagons

The rain fell through the night and stopped just in time for my morning commute. If the ground is thoroughly soaked, and you don't have fenders on a bike, you can get just as wet as you would if it were pouring rain. The tires fling up all kinds of water and sludge all over you and your drivetrain. It certainly made me appreciate the coverage today as I stayed completely dry.
I used to think that fenders looked dorky. Even last week, someone told me that it made my "road bike" look like a "beach cruiser." Now, that's not offensive in any way. But it did make me think that something like fenders change the perception of a bike. The same is true with my car.
When people see my car, I'm sure they see a station wagon. Not me, though. I see a vehicle that fits  six bikes... or three kayaks and three bikes... or allows me to fold down the seats and sleep inside on top of a mountain at a ski resort... or many other possibilities. But, yes, the most notable thing is that it's a station wagon. But that extra bit of cargo and that hatchback make it so much more versatile. It's totally worth it to me.

And those dorky fenders on my bike may take it from a sleek road bike to a rugged utilitarian machine, but it's worth it. On days like today, I stay dry and can accomplish more. My station wagon and fendered cyclocross bike can get the job done. That's what I love about both of them.

Get out there.


  1. Black bikes and black wagon...hmmm.

  2. Things that work. Yep, you've song well the praises of two fine examples. There are others, of course, just as unappreciated my those looking for something more exotic and specialized. But they will miss the truly fulfilling.

  3. @ Anniebikes - Ha!

    @ Pondero - "Things that work." Exactly.

  4. It is definitely all about perception. I have a bike that folds, and I sometimes people give me a hard time for it. But that bike can go ANYWHERE. I've taken it down trails, cross country, and at the end of the day, I can put it in my closet. So it doesn't really bother me what people say, because I know my bike is AWESOME!

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