Easter Ride

Yesterday, right before the sun went down, I headed out for 17 miles of Easter riding. I kid you not, I saw four rabbits on the ride. I can't tell you if I've ever seen a rabbit on a ride before. But they were out on Easter like crazy. Perhaps it's because I rarely go out at this time of day... or maybe they were hiding eggs. I'm not sure.
I took roads that I've never ridden before. They turned out to be great for riding. Lots of climbing (which was something I was actually after) and very little traffic. I'm thinking about doing a century ride this year. I want to start riding a little more without commuting gear and just try to build up the mileage. So I was experimenting with a short route. The roads were very similar to what I always see: black fences and stone fences. But it's all beautiful. And my bike feels like it flies without laptop and commuting stuff on the rack. So I had a blast.
And for the sake of full disclosure, here is a shot of the ugly parts of my town :)

Get out there.

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