Bike to Fish

Yesterday, my lovely wife rewarded me with a couple hours of riding and fishing to end out the weekend. I headed out on thinking I would get in about 20 miles and some fishing in one of the creeks nearby. I had a blast riding, but the fishing didn't turn out like I had planned.
In the photo above, you can see that green moss running lines along the bottom of the creek. This is one of the spots that I've caught dozens of fish before. But that mossy mess kept me from getting anywhere with my rod and reel. On another note, the water was crystal clear. All of that gunk is along the bottom and you can see it so clearly.
It didn't stop me from trying.

Green crap everywhere you look.
And a short hike out of the woods to head back home. This spot is pretty well hidden. But this little path shows that plenty of people know about it. It's a perfect place to sit or walk along the creek for hours to catch plenty of fish. For me, though, I love being outside... fish or no fish.
The ride was uneventful other than a bunch of cop cars speeding by with their lights and sirens on. There's not a whole lot of people out this way. I can't imagine what they were after.

As always, I was thankful to be out and glad that I went for it. It was a great couple hours of solitude and nature.

Get out there.

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