25 More Minutes

Today's commute had three of us in attendance. And the 43 degree windchill led to a discussion on dressing appropriately. After several years of bike commuting, I've gotten a lot better at choosing the best attire to stay warm/cool in the right/wrong temperatures. Recent commutes have had me in shorts and a t-shirt. But today's was a long pants, light gloves and jacket kind of day.

I told Justin and Neil (the other commuters today), that even when I dress poorly, I just recite the mantra in my head, "25 more mintes... 25 more minutes..." With a commute that's less than 30 minutes, no matter how uncomfortable I am, I only have to endure it for less than 25 more minutes. I can pretty much make it through anything for 25 minutes. It keeps me motivated and hopefully I only have to learn that lesson once (or twice :)).

Get out there.

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