Winter Dirt Riding

In Kentucky, there is no such thing as winter dirt riding. There is only mud in the winter. There is no dirt. Last week's ride was an example of such slop. I did, however, finally get to ride with Pat and his Krampus. Whew, what a bike!
Presley and Jason were there breathing in the 20 degree chill and slopping around in the muck, too.
I would say that the Troll performed more poorly than any of the other bikes, though. Pat on his Krampus and Jason on the 29er 1x10 Kona Honzo may be like comparing apples to oranges. But Presley was on his 26er and he seemed to clear more mud than me. I think this is a case where the super fat rubber caused for some trouble. I had less clearance for mud and had to stop several times to clear it away with a stick.
I'm not second-guessing the 2.5" wide rubber. It's plush bounciness is welcomed on most every ride. But this is example of "fatties-fitting-fine" is more "fine" than "fantastic." With less clearance, I found myself dragging that rear wheel instead of rolling on it.

Perhaps this is the bad trail vibes telling me not to ride when it's wet anyway.

Get out there.


  1. Yep, I stay away from riding mud for this very reason. Now, frozen mud is another thing altogether....

    1. We were rolling on frozen mud for a good part of it. We thought we'd be sitting pretty with the temps sitting so well under the freezing mark. But there were spots, high up the hills, that had been sitting in the sun thawing out. They didn't offer any opportunity to be avoided. So into the muddy muck we went.