Perhaps it's boring to always talk about the weather. But when it's 14 degrees in Kentucky, it does grab a bike commuter's attention.

I took the Troll today because I'm meeting some buddies for a brief ride over lunch. It is certainly a worthy commuter. And with the Revelate bags, it carries all my work clothes easily enough. To cope with the chill, I was layered up in my normal winter garb. Nothing new in there to report. Although, the clipless pedals on the MTB did force me to wear my only pair of clipless shoes. They're not the best for cold temps. My toes did feel a bit of a bite. But each little piggy survived the 45 minute ride.
Kentucky is beautiful year round. And since we don't get much snow, we have to celebrate frost. It's pretty enough on our black farm fencing.

A 14 degree commute is still a great commute!

Get out there.


  1. I only work during November and December. That gives me a 10 mile commute six days a week. People in cars who see me riding in 20 degree weather think I'm nuts. People walking envy me.

  2. Gettin' 'er done! Good for you. I've come down with a near chest cold, so no fun and play this week.

    1. Boo chest colds! I tend to feel crappy majority of the winter. I don't blame the riding, though. I think the riding helps!