This past weekend I got to do a quick S15O. That's a Sub-15 hour-Overnighter. My buddies Brian and Jason had talked about doing something that night at the Kentucky Horse Park and I decided I'd join in as well.

There are no real photos of the event. I met Jason at the bike shop at 6pm and we rode at a pretty steady pace until nightfall. We were at the Horse Park by about 7:45 but the sun was already gone. And I never even thought about getting out the camera to grab photos. (And I have to admit that's a nice feeling to ride, camp and talk bike stuff all night without thinking about gathering blog content!)

Brian rode in with Huston, Alan and Andy. These were guys I'd never met but had a wonderful time hanging out with. Bikes is a nice common denominator amongst strangers. Is easy to get to know each other through the lore of old bike adventures.

I crashed around 11:30, only to get up at 6:30 in the morning to hit the road again. Jason had to work and I had family obligations. So we hit it early and we hit it hard for the ride back. This one photo of the trip is in my neighborhood right before I pulled into the garage.

My only real noteworthy comment is on my camping set up. At this point, I have everything I need to do these trips at a moment's notice. I can throw everything in a bag and go. The LHT with Ortliebs and basket does the job beautifully.

I'm up for another.

Get out there.


  1. Very nice!
    I had a tandem-bike camping trip over the weekend. :)
    I'll have a post up soon.

  2. Been thinking hard about doing it myself. Friday night I was up past midnight, the whole family was asleep and the moon was wicked bright. I almost threw my sleeping bag and one man tent on the Xtracycle and took off. Would have freaked my wife out a bit to wake and find me GONE though.


  3. "I can throw everything in a bag and go."

    Then you are a master overnighter. Brilliant!

  4. Chris,
    Just leave a note. She'll get over it. :)