Wald Basket Review

It's time to write a review of my thoughts on running a front basket on the LHT. For years I was intrigued by a front basket. I would see them and think they looked like the ultimate practical accessory for a transportation bike. I would ponder what it might look like on my bikes and eventually make a pass in my mind.

Finally, though, I broke down to make it happen. I purchased the basket (only like $20) with the intention of moving it over to the Xtracycle if I couldn't stand the aesthetics of it. But I was confident in the purchase. The LHT has a classic look that I thought would work with the basket.

The result? I love it.
I use this thing daily. It's great when you don't have panniers. It's great when your panniers are loaded and closed up and you realize you forgot to pack your banana. It's great when you're just using your bike to run to the other end of the building to pick up your power cord that you left in the locker room.
It'll carry your lunch.
Your trunk bag.
Your hat.
Your hat and a sack lunch.
Your hat and your laptop bag.
Or a pizza.

I keep a velcro strap and a bungee with me at all times now. And I tend to use them a lot. But it's never too complicated and it's always a foolproof solution. Nothing's popped out on me thus far.

In the long term, the aesthetics no longer bother me. I love the look of it. For anyone new to bike commuting, the basket would be PERFECT. You don't need to buy a rear rack and panniers for bundles of cash. This would be a simple solution for cheap. It's more versatile the more expensive options, too. Look at what Wald has to offer then see if your bike shop carries them. You won't regret it.

Get out there.


  1. I, too, love the versatility of your basket. I recommended this option to the lady at Chasing Mailboxes, D.C. for her mixte. She feels stifled by her current load capacity.

  2. ...and they're made right here in Maysville, KY.

  3. which wald model, do you know?