Lunch Dirt... errr... Mud

Jason and I met up over lunch for some mud slingin' action. We knew the trails may be in bad shape from the morning's rain. But when you get a window to ride, it's better to take the opportunity than to miss out.
 We took it real slow as to not mess up the trails too bad. I still took a major spill coming out of a berm. My bike completely slipped out from underneath me. Imma be limpin' tomorrow.
I also found a campsite at the park. This isn't a sleep-over-camp kind of park. But someone has set up a fire ring, cooler and chair for some overnighters. I respect their sticking of it to the man. But I do not condone it.
Water was up from the rain. But we didn't let that stop us from crossing the creek. Here's Jason pedaling upstream towards that little trail on the left. Neither of us made it out of there with dry feet. But we both came out wearing smiles.

Get out there.

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