Loaded Up and Runnin'

This morning's commute was a loaded Xtracycle run. It's been a while since I've used the Xtra to haul a big load. I'm always blown away at how it does it so well. Even though it's been sitting in the garage gathering dust, I can still hop on it and pedal an extra 75 pounds and it feels just like my other bikes.

I'm helping a buddy build his very own Surly Long Haul Trucker during lunch breaks over the next couple days. So the bike was loaded down with work stand, tool box and backpack full of clothes and laptop.
Though the work stand hung out the back a good ways, the load wasn't too wide. I noticed that when I was riding in traffic, people weren't giving me an extra 20' like they sometimes do when I'm on the Xtra. I guess it was because, from behind, it didn't look much different than a normal bike.

It's so awesome that I can accomplish jobs like this with a bike. Without the Xtra, today would have had to have been a car day. Not so with a bike like this. I love it.

Get out there.

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