Back Again

I've been overwhelmingly blitzed with sickness for the last week and a half. It's been miserable. It wasn't the kind of sickness that makes your tummy hurt. It was knock you out or have you writhing in pain sickness. It was kind of strange to be forced off the bike so quickly after opting out of riding for a week. It feels like I've not ridden much at all.

But today had be back in the saddle. Buckets of rain were falling down from the clouds for the entire commute. I worked my way under some tree coverage to try and get a dry moment to snap a photo.

The single speed Cross Check still needs work. When I'm on most of my bikes, I spend the ride admiring the build. On this bike, I spend the entire time wanting to change it. Maybe I'll look into selling some odds and ends to get this thing right. It needs some drop bars, new levers, fenders and tires. That's a lot to invest in the beater bike. But not loving the ride makes me not want to ride it. And I hate being tempted off of the bike. And the other alternative is to ride a geared bike through this crappy weather. That would only result in a gunked up drivetrain on a bike that would be more expensive to fix than these initial single speed upgrades.

Now I'm rambling.

I'll stop.

I'm back on the bike. It's awesome. It rained a lot today.

Get out there.


  1. Man, I just spent 45 minutes de-crapping my bike from the commute home. I hear you loud and clear brother!
    My bottom bracket was pretty new, and after this afternoon has a distinctive crunch. I'll deal with that.
    My ultimate solution will be the Sturmey-Archer S2. 2 gears, no derailleur.

    1. I've got an internally geared bike. It's awesome to run such a low maintenance rig.

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