Why Didn't We Get the Big One?

Well, obviously we did. Yes, this is the family tent my wife got me when I turned 29 last month. We used to have a pop-up camper that was perfect for camping with all of us, but it didn't fit the rest of our lifestyle. We didn't feel like we needed such a huge convenience item for something that was completely based off of the idea of roughing it. So it sold and we've gone the last year or so with no family camping efforts.

Not now. We have a tent that's plenty big enough for the five of us and perfectly capable of offering a peaceful (separated) night's sleep for everyone. There's a bedroom for the big kids, one for the baby and one for me and the lovely wife in here.

It's, by far, the biggest tent I've been in... and not at all of the backpacking variety that I also have. But it's absolutely perfect for a family of five with three small children. This week we've been discussing where our first trip will be.

Get out there.


  1. Would LOVE something like this!!! Do you know the make of this tent?

    1. We bought it at Walmart. Just got the biggest one they had. It's their house brand for tents and camping gear. Hope that helps!