Got Lucky

This morning I was riding my 11 mile bike commute in pouring rain when I heard a "pst... pst... pst... pst..." sound from my front tire come out of nowhere. I was still about 3 miles from work and began to wonder if I had flatted out.

I watched the tire nervously as I hammered on the pedals to try to make it as far as I could. "Could this be a flat?" I thought. I have never seen this type of flat before. Normally, when I get a flat it's a blowout.

Was this just a slow leak that I could hear just because my tires were so wet? Well, yes. That's exactly what it was. I made it to work and checked the tire with my ears. What once sounded like a pattern of "pst... pst... pst... pst..." from a rotating wheel was now a solid audio/air flow of "psssssssssssssssssss."

By the end of my shower the tire was flat. I'm glad I made it in, though. I did not want to sit in the rain and change a tire this morning. Flats are a part of bike commuting... but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Get out there.

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