Bikepack Commuting

Today was another day on the Troll for the bike commute. I know you're confused by my photography voodoo in the photo above. But I wanted to show that I was running the Relevate frame bag and carrying my new backpack. I'm working on a poor man's bikepacking rig that would work for some overnighters in the woods. I don't have the cash flow for a full bikepacking kit. But these two bags should give me the capacity for two nights on the trail.

I'm thinking of commuting for a few days to see how it all feels. As of now, I'm really liking it. My backpack was pretty full, with heavy laptop and everything. And the frame bag had all my commuting clothes in it. Somehow, my time on my commute is no different than when I ride the LHT. I think perhaps the Troll climbs better. It's just easier to mash those pedals on the MTB and get up a hill, which seems to be gaining the time I lose with the knobby 2.5" tires.

I'll keep playing and tweaking and we'll see what comes of it all. But I'd like to do a trip or two this fall in the woods.

Get out there.


  1. Too cool! I'm itching to do some bikepacking but have no gear at the moment. Shooting for Santa Claus bringing me the goods I need.

    1. Actually, I was thinking about you this morning. I was thinking you'd maybe like to offer some route options and join us for something fun this fall!