The Old Way

Last week I made my way home from a location other than work. I had made a stop at the bike shop and ended up taking my old route home. Nowadays, I have this beautiful, scenic bike commute through farmland and countryside. Go back a few years, and 80% of my commute was down Car Dealership Lane.

As I pedaled on the shoulder of a major roadway and watched car lot after car lot, it made me extremely thankful for the route change. It wasn't long ago that they expanded a small country road and added a parallel bike lane. Before then, it was too sketchy to ride a bike on. Now, though, it's a wonderful blessing. In fact, that route change is what prompted me to start a blog. Before then, I didn't think anyone would be interested in photos like the one above. But after I started riding on the bike path, the blog made more sense.

Taking the old way was a great exercise in gratitude. I'm certainly more thankful for my beautiful commute now!

Get out there.

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  1. It's sometimes nice to go back to where we came from and see how much better our lives have become. That old route must have brought on some moans.