Bike Taxi

This morning I had to employ the single speed Cross Check as my taxi to get me back from the mechanic. The Subaru has been overheated as of late and I'm at a loss of what to do. I tried all the simple fixes I could think of and none of them worked. So she went in for a check-up.
It's fun to take the bike with you to the mechanic. They look at you like you're nuts as you take you're perfectly functioning machine off of your broken car. But, hey, I'll take the weird looks.

I enjoyed riding unfamiliar territory on my way back. It's always interesting to explore. But it was raining pretty heavily. So I didn't look around too much.
The rain bike has some new 'cross tires on it. They're not ideal for the road. But they actually are super grippy. I'll leave them on until I can afford a more permanent solution.

But it was a great morning riding in the rain. Let's hope the Forester isn't too expensive to fix or you'll be seeing even more cycling trips on here!

Get out there.

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  1. I'm one who takes a bike along when my car is in for repairs. They always offer a courtesy drop off saying, "you don't have to ride a bike, we'll take you there." Some just don't understand.