Primary Winter Ride

For the last couple days, to my delight, I've put some cold weather miles on the Cross Check. I'm considering making the Cross Check the official winter bicycle for clear(ish) weather rides. For the last several months, the LHT has been my go-to commuter. But the sprightliness of the Cross Check is a welcomed feel for this cold weather riding.

For one, I already feel sluggish in the cold when I'm weather multiple layers. I don't have really expensive, high tech riding gear for cold weather. I can totally stay warm. I just have a lot bulkier wardrobe. The slow, deliberate, semi-truck feel of the LHT becomes even more cumbersome when I'm all layered up. The Cross Check feels a lot more quick and responsive.

Another factor is tires. My only set of studded tires are 26". I'm thinking I'll put the studs on the LHT and leave it parked for the 90% of the time that I don't need studs. But the age and investment in the LHT would make it a great snow/ice bike. It just wouldn't see very many miles.

All this to say, the Cross Check is about to get some miles this winter, I think. The single speed Cross Check will do rain. The LHT will do snow and ice. And the geared Cross Check will be my primary commuter. Sounds like a plan... until I get bored and change my mind.

Get out there.

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