Kickin' It

I just put a kickstand on the LHT. I'm a big fan of having one, but they just don't seem right on my other bikes. They're a little clunky and a little dorky, but when you need one, you love it. And it will totally help getting a variation of bike photos for the blog.

This is a cheapo kickstand. But I'd really consider a nice double-legged stand if the finances were available. Anyone else running a kickstand on their bike? Recommendations?

Get out there.


  1. I ended up putting a Greenfield rear triangle stand on my LHT and love it... however, it meant having to take the spare spokes out of the little spoke holder braze-ons. No big deal though... I only want those with me on a fully loaded multi-day ride, and I'll just pack them somewhere else.

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