I'm Back.

After two weeks off of the bike, I'm finally back in the saddle. I had a minor medical deal a couple weeks ago that mandated at least 14 days of rest. Yesterday was my first opportunity to be out there riding again and, boy, was it perfect.
I headed out under beautiful blue, cloudy skies. There was no agenda or map. I was going to ride until I  started to not feel well or perceived that I should turn around. I anticipated four miles or so. I went almost 13.
I explored several new roads. My goal was to stick close to the creek, for the sake of a nice view. It was a good choice. It kept me curious and engaged in the new landscape I had never seen.

Always cows and horses in Kentucky.
Congrats to the Sawyers... whoever you are.
At one point, I checked Google Maps on my phone to get oriented and try to find a loop back home. It sent me down a little road that was paved, but barely one lane. My bike path on the way to work is wider than this little road. I descended for a mile or so and then saw this. The road ended right in the creek. At first I thought my map was wrong and I'd be turning around. But upon further inspection, I realized the road continued on the other side. At only a few inches deep, the creek was meant to cover the road and you could drive (or pedal) right on through it.
Here's a pic from the other side. It was really a fun little novelty to find. I was worried I might cross some slippery moss and go down. But it wasn't bad to ride through at all. I took it slow and enjoyed the beauty of a new opportunity.
Shortly after my creek crossing I headed up another gnarly climb. As I pedaled closer to this tower, I saw two strange figures hanging from the metal bars. It appeared to be a couple monkeys, but that couldn't be right. Well, it was two monkeys... just of the plush variety. If you enlarge the photo, you might be able to see them in their splendor, hanging high above the Kentucky landscape. Someone went through a great effort to get them up there and I greatly appreciated it. It made me laugh a lot during a sweaty climb.

Creek crossings and monkey sightings. What a great first ride back.
I was using an app called Strava for this ride. I'm not really into tracking my rides at all. But it's fun to experiment with the latest and greatest technology out there. This app does a fantastic job of tracking a lot of data and presenting it in an easy-to-use interface. It even allows you to virtually compete with other riders out there. It really is useful if you're into tracking your stuff. Was it for me? Nah. I don't like all that data in my head when I'm riding. It distracts me from why I like to ride. I stopped tracking mileage and times a long time ago. Don't get me wrong. I understand why others do it. But my capacity to turn my brain off is fairly limited. So, for me, it's just easier to crank the pedals and get more miles without this type of thing in my head.

It was a huge opportunity for thanksgiving as I rode yesterday. That was my longest period off the bike in years. So I was antsy to get back on. Yesterday's weather and route could not have been better. I was extremely grateful.

Get out there.


  1. So much for the LHT being your wife's bike. I understand though. The LHT is a great bike. :D

    I'm glad you were able to get back out, and on a beautiful day to boot.

    You don't happen to have GPS coordinates for that creek crossing, do you?

    1. We have an agreement... I'm allowed to ride her bike as long as she doesn't need it! Actually, I might sell my Cross Check so that I can have one of my own. I'm loving it too much!

      I don't have coordinates for it. I'll fool around with that strava app to see if I can locate it. I'll certainly be back, though.

    2. This help? 37.855169,-84.640416

  2. That creek crossing and monkey tower is actually really close to an actual primate rescue center. I've driven through that creek a few times. Looks like it was a good ride!

    1. I thought the primate sanctuary place was around there somewhere. I had a buddy come upon it from a kayak once in the creek. So I was keeping an eye out but never officially spotted it.

  3. See that Dave beat me to it. Nice Wife bike! And I'll second the need to reconnoiter that stream crossing. Let's get in it Man!