On My Wishlist

I'm incredibly grateful for all the gear I have. I'm blessed with a wife that supports my passion for riding, paddling and being outside. And I've had available resources to purchase the necessary gear. I would never complain. There is one thing that I continue to have a desire for. Alpaca makes a an incredible pack raft called the Yukon Yak. It's a raft that inflates with a portable system that would allow me to strap it to the bike, ride out to water and inflate it for some paddling.

When you watch this video, you can easily see how this boat could be useful for an adventurer. In the last year, I've done a lot of paddling and have needed a whitewater option on several occasions. This boat, with the addition of the Spray Deck, would be the best of all worlds. Portable. Durable. Whitewater. Touring. Everything.

I could pack it on the Troll and head out for a dirt, road and water adventure... all in one trip. Being that the baby is due any minute, and I already have several mouths to feed, I won't be getting an Alpaca raft any time soon... and I'm totally okay with that. I'm not entitled to the resources and gear I currently have. But I do enjoying pining over such a boat. A boy can dream.

Get out there.


  1. Love the Ambition and Vision. Great stuff. Love to do some KY adventure with you some day.

  2. @ Tex69 - We DO need to run some good ol' KY adventure. Although, I think I roll at a lazier pace than your crew!