Early Morning Mud

It seems that I've got the bug to ride more dirt again. It was beneficial this morning since I needed my car at work for some errands. I threw the bike on top and drove to the local park. I was able to get some riding in without my normal commute, yet still have my car for work stuff.
The trails were really wet and sloppy. I rode for about ten minutes and realized it wasn't going to be fast paced. I decided I'd take it slow and steady and head back to the car to get my coffee thermos. When it's this wet out, you spend more time flailing around than enjoying the trails... if you push it. I grabbed my coffee and headed back out for a casual ride. Taking it slow allowed me to enjoy being outside (in slightly warmer temps, too) and just take in the scenery.
I stopped by the creek for a while and enjoyed a couple cups of coffee. It's so nice to sit, watch the water rush by and breathe in the fresh air. It's such a great way to start the day... especially when I wasn't able to do my normal commute.

Get out there.

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