Lexington's Legacy Trail

Yesterday was the opening of the Legacy Trail here in Lexington. From all that I can tell, this is a huge deal for our city. And I would say that they totally did this one right. The trail goes from downtown Lexington to Georgetown, KY. It totals 12 miles of riding from one end to the other and includes some beautiful scenery along the way.

We're hosting the World Equestrian Games (believe me, I didn't know what they were either) beginning this month and the city was lighting a fire under the crews to get this thing done. Apparently the whole world will have an eye into our fair city throughout the games and Lexington wanted to be known for something beautiful. I applaud that effort.

Georgetown is the home of The Kentucky Horse Park, which will host a great deal of the games. Lexington wanted to get this finished in time so that the guests visiting us would have a quicker option than waiting in traffic to get from one event to the next. Good thinking, Lexington. You're right.

I was hauling two boys on the Xtracycle and I could tell that the trip is quick. It's faster than the roads you could take to get there. And with the games bringing traffic, these fancy horse people better be packing their bikes, too.

Being that today was the opening day, there were lots of people out. I knew I was at the mercy of the attention spans of a three year old and a fourteen month old. So I was moving at a pretty good clip to try and get the whole trail in. It was rough maneuvering in and out of everyone. But, hey, lots of people on this trail is a good problem. I'm not complaining.

There were probably nearly a dozen of these pretty wooden bridges throughout the trail. I'm guessing they were built for aesthetics and to eliminate big dips in the route. Really, none of them passed over significant water or ravines. But they look quite lovely.

The countryside is nice. There are some industrial feeling passages that have lots of buildings around. But it doesn't detract from the experience at all. Most of it is pretty farm land.

The boys loved it. The shot above is the end of the trail at the Horse Park. They (although I don't know who "they" are) had kindly set up refreshment tents with water and bananas. My boy, though, wanted to carry is own juice box in his backpack. So he was proudly strutting in front of the other kids while they sipped on their flavorless Evians.

And lastly, they had lots of fun stuff set-up midway through the trail. We didn't stop long. But we did get to see some interesting stuff. A couple bands were performing and they were giving away freebies. Clive scored his very own big-boy water bottle.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I saw some people on their Segways. I think they were from the future.

I'm very pleased and excited about the new trail. It's going to mean a lot for Lexington. Personally, I'm excited for the family camping that it's going to offer. There's a campground at the Horse Park and I could get the family easily loaded up and safely on the trail from my house. It totally changes the dynamics of getting on a busy road with your kids. This is going to be great for us... and all of Lexington.

Get out there.

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  1. Great pictures and insight on the new trail.
    I can't wait to experience it for myself.