Well, Angie is sick today. Our normal routine consists of getting up and getting kids ready, I hop on the bike and she loads them into the van to get them where they need to go. Unfortunately, a ghastly stomach bug has made its way through our house this weekend. Our two oldest kids were hit on Sunday and Angie got it last night.

No bike commute for me. I assumed the role of dad and mom, loaded the kids and took them where they go. I worked a half day and am now home with the boys. Bliss will get home from kindergarten soon around three. Perhaps we'll head out on the bike after that. I can always rationalize a bike ride if it includes a grocery run with three kids.

No complaints, though. I love being home. If I had to complain, I would do so about my choice to live so far from where the boys go to preschool. There's no way I could get them there safely by bike. Maybe someday.

Get out there.

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