Black Eyed Peas

This morning was the first time I've ever listened to music on my commute. Normally, my commute time is a time of solitude and silence. I need that to get my day headed in the right direction early on. But I didn't sleep much last night. Abe, my youngest, was up in the middle of the night with lots to say.

There was a strong need for some extra motivation... Enter: Black Eyed Peas. Now, it may come as a surprise that I'd be a BEP fan but it's a great beat to keep your legs turning when you're trying to talk yourself into driving the car.

It was a fun experience. I really liked listening to music while I was riding. I just kept one earbud in so I could still hear traffic coming (which isn't an issue since most of my commute is on a bike path). I wouldn't want to totally give up my time of quiet, but occasionally a podcast could really get the day started off well.

Anyone else listen to music?

Get out there.

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