Full Weekend

This weekend had a lot going on. As Angie gets more comfortable hauling that baby in the trailer, she's wanting to ride more and more. I'm always really impressed with my wife. She's currently training for a marathon, yet still has a desire to ride. This weekend was a "lighter" weekend for her (her words). It was only a ten mile run.

Everyone wanted to head out on Saturday for a ride to the library. She was awesome to want to come along, with tired legs and all.

Once again, I'll say that her pulling the baby makes a huge difference. It makes my ride so much more enjoyable to only have the two big kids on the Xtracycle. I'm so proud to have such an awesome lady as my wife. This was one of those weekends that made me really appreciate how incredible she is. Those of you that know her are probably reading this and nodding your head.

While she was riding, though, we noticed that the front derailleur needed some adjustment. She couldn't get off of the middle chainring. Fixing it was a nice little bike addition to the already full weekend.

During our regular "weekend slip-n-slide/sprinkler" time that night, I got everything adjusted. It took more time to carry the repair stand and tools to the back yard than it did to fix it. But it's good to know she's got her granny gear back for when she's pulling our over-sized baby.

That closed out our Saturday, but there was more life to be lived.

We woke up Sunday morning, packed up the bikes and headed out again. This time it was a picnic, playground and play-in-the-creek day.

The creek is such an awesome experience with three little ones. We had come here the day before without "creek" shoes and it was torture. We decided it was a great idea to let them come back and have at it.

It was a good idea. They had a fantastic time. And I, once again, fell in love with Angie. She's a cool mom to embrace the idea of her kids going nuts in a creek. She's a cool mom because she thinks these pictures are better than the usual fake woodgrain backdrop you can get at Sears for a family picture. And, once again, she's a cool mom because she'll pull baby Hulk around on a ten mile ride with even more tired legs than the day before.

Great weekend, obviously. And as usual, I've got to make a plug for this awesome bike that does it all. I took it through a little bit of single-track to get it down to the creek. It takes every challenge I throw at it. Very few machines could offer as much versatile service as the Xtracycle.

Get out there.

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