Fish n' Bikes

I had a chance to take the Troll on a little fishing trip over lunch. The idea was to skip the regular MTB experience and embrace some outdoors time through a different experience.
Recent rain makes the normal MTB ride unridable. It's just too sloppy. But slowly plodding along on the Troll's fat tires make fishing destinations attainable.
I sat the reel down in the bottle cage and just ran the pole out the front. Attaching it with my watch.
No small strap? No problem. The watch'll do.
Bike joust, anyone?

I didn't catch anything and I lost a record breaking three lures. But it was nice to get out. I fish more for the atmosphere than the catch. Most of my outdoor activities are more active. Fishing is a nice way to get outside and not move around too much!

Get out there.


  1. A chap I see on my commute has a Troll and just loves it. I had never really considered one, but they seem an extremely versatile bicycle.
    For the record...I'm fishing all next week, so I understand your joy!

    1. I'm loving the Troll. It had started out to be more versatile that it ended up. It was tough enough to get me on the trails. And once I was on them, I wanted it to be more dirt specific. I'm loving it.

      Enjoy the fishing!