Road and Dirt

I'm really liking the idea that I can pull off of the road and ride the LHT wherever I'd like it to go. Lunch today was one of those journeys. Five miles of pavement leads to a few miles of trails at a local MTB park. The LHT is perfect for such a ride. Plus, I had a couple buddies, one on an LHT and another on a Cross Check, that wanted to join.
Our first break from asphalt was a mighty offroad climb. Time to change from those roadie gears to something a little more docile.
Trevor and Noah are killing it these days on road miles. I couldn't hardly keep up on the five miles over. But neither of these guys ride dirt. So it was fun to explore a new surface.
Skinny tires didn't stop Trevor.
Another LHT in the dirt.

We pedaled hard on the way in, found a spot for lunch, then I had to scoot out. I didn't want to be late for a meeting. So I mashed the pedals hard to get out of the woods and made a solo journey back to the office. Good stuff.

I'm thinking I'll write some thoughts on the LHT + dirt combo on here soon. Stay tuned.

Get out there.