Nonesuch Place

On my last camping trip, a friend mentioned that there was a campground in Nonesuch, Kentucky. Now for those non-Kentucky readers out there, Nonesuch probably doesn't sound like an actual town. But I assure you, Nonesuch is, in fact, a real place. It's not only real, but it's a pretty great riding distance from my house, too. So this past weekend I did a scouting trip to see the potential camping at Nonesuch.
The ride to Nonesuch is farmland the entire way. Traffic isn't bad and there are Share the Road signs along the entire route. I'm assuming that's a sign that other cyclists are out there, too.
The Nonesuch Grocery & Hardware store is basically the entirety of Nonesuch. It's a bit like a time warp. When I pulled up, this car was the only one the in the parking lot. I wondered if I had hit 88mph on a downhill and didn't notice my flux capacitor kicking in.

Just an FYI, the Grocery & Hardware store also has karaoke, billiards and church services on Sunday. That's a multi-use building if I ever saw one.
From the Grocery store, you just head down towards the river. It's about 20 minutes of coasting down and down and down and down. Nothing around you but farms and barns and beasts of the field and birds of the sky.
This farm post had a grumpy look to it. He stared at me with his one eye as I zoomed past.
At the bottom of the roller coaster is a boat ramp and campground. The campground is nothing to write home about as far as amenities go, but I'll certainly bunk down there in the future. There's great primitive sites right on the river and enough privacy to make you feel like you're removed from modern culture. No cell service. No wifi. Just a general store and a bathhouse. I like that.

The climb out was beastly. I really enjoy a long slow climb every once in a while. And that day I appreciated it. "Find your gear and keep on the pedals," my mind said. A short while and a lot of sweat later and I was out.

I'll be back to Nonesuch for a camping trip. It would be a great S24O destination. I'd like to have nothing more than a fishing pole and a hammock for a campout here. It'd make for  a good time.

Get out there.


  1. I remember that climb. I was loaded with about 40lbs of gear on the rear rack of a bike that probably shouldn't have been used as a touring bike, and about halfway up the hill, I popped a spoke and my wheel went wonky.I'll send you an email, as a few of us are looking to plan a trip there in May.

  2. Nice post. Nonesuch - too funny!

  3. I'm planing on doing some C.KY touring this summer. Thanks for the info. Looks like I might need to put nonesuch On the map.

    1. It'd be a great stop. Low key feel to it all.